Poppy Jamie

Founder, Happy Not Perfect; Co-Founder, Pop & Suki

Poppy Jamie, founder of Happy Not Perfect and co-founder of Pop & Suki, is a mental health activist and entrepreneur. Forbes named Poppy one of their 30 under 30s in 2017, and she was appointed as the youngest board member of the Resnic Neuropychiatric Hospital Advisory Board at UCLA to help support the wellbeing of students. Both companies were inspired by the most important relationships in Poppy’s life, Pop & Suki based on her friendship with actress Suki Waterhouse and Happy Not Perfect, inspired by her mother, a psychotherapist and her devotion in helping her father overcome his chronic stress and anxiety.


Happy Not Perfect, a brand solely and ‘souly’ dedicated to looking after your mental wellbeing to help you stress less, sleep better and find a calmer more positive mindset. Our mission is simple, it’s to help you feel good from the inside out. No-nonsense, research-backed tools and products to care for your mind. The app gives you a daily happiness work-out to help you relax, process thoughts and build emotional fitness to keep you bouncing back, and our physical products support you in waking up well and sleeping soundly. 


Pop & Suki is a women’s accessories brand founded by best friends Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse. The brand features customizable and versatile designs that are
built for every day life. Initially launched as a direct-to-consumer brand, Pop & Suki has partnered with select high profile retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Shop Bop and Bergdorf Goodman.