Todd Breeden

Co-founder & Partner, Tuhaye Venture Partners

Todd is a co-founder and partner at Tuhaye Venture Partners, a seed-stage venture capital firm based in New York City. Todd has sourced and executed over 30 early stage software investments in the consumer and enterprise technology space with a total combined enterprise value today in excess of $3 billion. Prior to Tuhaye, Todd served as Vice President at StarVest Partners as the only non-General Partner on the investment team, leading marketplace, marketing, and e-commerce infrastructure investment strategy. 

He received a B.A in Mathematics and Economics from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Todd is also a former Marine Corps officer candidate, two-time collegiate national champion sailor and former professional opera singer.



Tuhaye Venture Partners is a seed-stage venture fund launched in 2016 with $15m in assets-under-management. Founded by Bill Cohen and Todd Breeden, Tuhaye is an active investor in enterprise software and consumer marketplace businesses such as Privy, Bespoke Post, Stache, and Amper Music.